The Justin lifestyle includes several small appliances, many of which make excellent gifts or registry items. Here are a few that we use the most frequently:

Toaster Oven: We use this for everything except toast. We heat up medium amounts of frozen foods like breaded chicken or pizza rolls or frozen pretzels or various forms of potatoes (friendly reminder: frozen soft pretzels exist, and they are delicious). Mostly those things actually. It’s totally useful though, especially in the summer when you don’t want to heat up the whole big oven but you do want something heated in an oven.

Regular toaster: I kept burning toast in the toaster oven so Justin got a regular toaster, and then didn’t open it for a few months until he wanted toast. Justin’s favorite thing about the one we got is that it has a “keep warm” function, but it’s probably not the best toaster that ever toasted. If you really want to get intense about toast, nobody can beat David Rees.

Rice Cooker: We had a smaller rice cooker and used it so much we got a bigger one (the sweethome rec). I think we eat more rice than we otherwise might because it’s so easy to make it good in one of these. Learn from our experience though: brown rice takes longer than you think.

Food Processor: We mostly use this for homemade salsa, but we’ve done hummus and a homemade marinade/dressing in it too. We don’t make our own babyfood, but we probably could? Gerber works ok, and our baby really likes finger food.

Obviously, our coffee appliances are pretty important.

Most people would at this point sing a song of love to their kitchenaid mixer. We almost never bake from scratch, though. We make brownies from a box and we use our mixer to shred chicken. It’s pretty good at that. I’d like for us to be people who bake amazing things, but not enough for us to have actually done it much. So in summary: I have every reason to believe the kitchenaid is amazing and worth it except the personal experience of baking.

We might also pick up an instant pot like everyone else in our demographic seems to be doing lately. Maybe if we actually make any money off these affiliate links I’ll spend it on that and then I’ll tell you all about how amazing or not it is.


One thought on “Countertop Appliances You Need

  1. We do not have a toaster oven and I feel like if we got one, we would love it… but we have so many appliances on the counter. We love our new Sous Vide cooker!


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