There are two kinds of reusable liquid transport that are important to Justin: water bottles, and coffee cups. Obviously, hydration and caffeination are key elements of the Justin lifestyle.

IMG_4128In our house, the preferred water bottles are made by rubbermaid. Like basically everyone else our age, there’s a few Nalgenes and stainless steel waterbottles around our house, a camelback or two, and some other kinds, but here’s why we like the rubbermaid best:

  1. They seal pretty well. No bottle is totally accident-proof, but these have had a pretty good track record for us.
  2. They are pretty lightweight and easy to carry.
  3. They fit in most cupholders (not true of most nalgenes, for example).
  4. They have nice plastic loops you can clip to things or carry with one finger.
  5. The opening is medium sized and not a straw, but the lid comes off all the way for cleaning. If you don’t regularly dump water on yourself (or explode water with a pressure change) with another kind, congratulations on being better at life than we are.

While we’re on the topic of water, Justin has the uncontroversial opinion that he likes it cold.

Coffee transport is similarly a journey, with many no-longer-used coffee cups in our cupboard. Justin opinion #1: coffee tastes best out of a ceramic mug, ideally a cool looking one. But sometimes you have to leave the house faster than you can ingest enough coffee, so travel mugs it is. We have a few ceramic travel cups, but they are kind of heavy and not so tip-proof. Plus, they are not well insulated: they start off too hot and then the coffee gets cold too fast.

Justin bought this Bubba thermos from a sale and he is very committed to it. It is well-insulated and also has a reliable seal. It holds the moderately large amount of coffee he wants to take with him. He also says, and this is a direct quote “Tervis is ok if you want cold coffee in an hour, and sometimes I do.”


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