Melissa Favs 51

(wedding photo by Melissa Keeley)

Ok, so a few weeks ago we were at Target with some members of my family, doing some recreational shopping. Some of us come around a corner, and there’s Justin, with the baby in the stroller, informing a group of young women what they should add to the bridal registry they were working on.

They seemed more delighted than creeped out by this behavior, and if you’ve ever heard Justin talk about his love for this oxo spatula you know he’s sincere about it. In fact, his top two gifts for wedding showers or housewarmings have long been one of those and an ikea collander I just found out they don’t sell anymore.

Trying to decide which kitchen gadgets to include in your wedding registry, or find a gift for somebody who likes kitchen stuff? Here’s some other stuff we have and like that are at a relatively low pricepoint:

Microplane grater: Listen. I didn’t know what this was when I opened it up as a wedding gift, and then it became the gratest way (see what I did there?) to deal with hard cheese like parmesan or asiago. And if you want to know how to elevate your box pasta and jarred tomato sauce dinner, fresh-grated cheese helps. Careful though, it’s really sharp. Don’t get over-confident or your hands will pay.

oxo Peeler: Everybody knows this is the best peeler, right? It’s comfortable to use and easy to clean.

oxo angled measuring cups: you can see what you’re pouring from the top or the side.
Pyrex measuring cups: these can handle being microwaved or full of boiling water and that is also nice to have. Honestly we have both kinds and I regret nothing.

Vintage Pyrex mixing bowls: they are so colorful and durable. Just don’t put them in the dishwasher or you might wreck the design. Also you have to buy them at an antique store or get lucky at a thrift store or garage sale. But they are great. The modern ones have good lids so there’s that.

Cheese cutter: We eat a lot of cheese and this works great and fast.




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